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You’ve come to the right place if ….


  • you’re beginning to notice that your career path isn’t quite what you expected (and wanted).
  • you’re part way through a grad or professional training program, and you’ve discovered that
    • only 16 jobs for your degree/field are open in the nation
    • more than 20 will graduate from your department with your degree
    • (you’re afraid to look at the national figures of how many departments offer your degree)
    • you’re wondering what else can you do with this degree.
  • you’re in a postdoc position, and the pay is terrible. You want to change but you don’t know what you can change to. You’ve already invested so much….
  • you finished grad school or professional training (maybe both) — and it’s not working out….
  • you heard the other students commenting about a former student, saying things like, “Obviously, she couldn’t hack it.” or “He must have flunked out.” Ouch!!!
  • you’ve been worn down by the grad school / professional training process and there are so many smarter people there who you think will be able to out-compete you for jobs.
  • you’re feeling guilty even to be thinking about leaving grad school before you finish the degree, or leaving the field now that you have finished….

I’ve been there
– and I lived a lot of these thoughts – and now, many years later, I know what to do. And I can help you…..

Explore my resources, including success stories, tips and practical information – about changing careers or jobs, or just exploring options.


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