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Dependable Strengths for Coaches

Originated more than 50 years ago in the context of job and employment tools, the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process has stood the test of time and is flowering anew in the context of coaching and positive psychology.

Coaches are now using it to help clients articulate their identity, increase their self-worth and confidence and to inspire their resilience.

The core of DS is based on the individual’s own stories, which are mined for positive effects (strengths) that most of us don’t recognize, or we discount them as unimportant. A series of exercises and interactions helps participants to uncover and articulate the strengths pattern unique to them

A variety of new programs have been developed, both in and beyond the jobs/employment context. These programs and training are now available, as well as others now being piloted and tested.

Following are comments from participants who were asked what they learned from the program:

I learned that I am more competent in certain areas than I had previously thought.

That “values-driven” is a strength.

Talking coherently about my strengths was incredibly challenging – but very satisfying to feel authentic doing it.

I came across as a lot more enthusiastic and articulate than I had given myself credit for.

More introspective/deep than I expected (in a good way).

That there’s a difference between Strengths Finder and Dependable Strengths.

I was surprised that so many strengths could be identified from a single story of a good experience.

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