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Is Your Resume Obsolete?

Our online identities are increasing in importance just as our resumes are declining.

This REALLY interesting article in the Wall Street Journal/Careers explains that more employers are going beyond resumes to source candidates for their positions.  It’s like a huge signpost pointing to the need for all of us to pay more attention to our professional online identity. Read No More Resumes, Say Some Firms and you’ll actually want to begin work on your LinkedIn profile – even Twittering, let alone updating your Facebook pages!

But beyond your online identity as a profile (which usually is a thinly veiled resume), how can you show up as interesting enough to an employer be found?  And valued?  The author, Rachel Emma Silverman, describes several creative ways that companies are using social media to find people they want, based on what they can see in their online activities.

What I see is that these creative employers are looking for candidates’ strengths that happen to match company needs.

(Full link to article – )

For more information on finding your own strengths, come back, I’ll be posting more on that soon.



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