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New Format for Dependable Strengths Training

I’m just back from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where 11 career counselor-types took the new 2-day version of our Dependable Strengths for College workshop/training. The evaluations look great and I saw a lot of enthusiasm and appreciation for the process of bringing out strengths, both in themselves, and being able to help students to articulate their strengths.  

This is an exciting start for the more specific 2-day workshops that will extend the 5-day traditional Dependable Strengths Articulation Process training to places and people who can’t afford or can’t travel to the 5-day trainings that are offered 4-5 times a year in Seattle, or less often in Maryland.

What’s the difference? The traditional 5-day trainings cover the full spectrum of the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process and focuses primarily on preparation for finding employment. Each individual spends the first 2 1/2 days as a participant in the process, no matter what their background, and the rest of the week, they learn in-depth to facilitate the process.  There’s time to get into the nuances of the Dependable Strengths process, and thus, the training.

The 2-day workshop is limited to specific groups with certain backgrounds, for example, college advisers, college career counselors and others whose primary focus is helping college students make career decisions. The extra experience that they bring to the training gives them an ability to see the usefulness of the approach immediately and to apply it to their work with students.

Also, we at the Center for Dependable Strengths ( are developing more short programs (lasting 1-3 hours), that more students can find time to attend, and will still find useful in applying the concept of strengths to resumes and interviews, as well as career decisions.

It’s an exciting development, so stay tuned.

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