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Job Search – Government Sector

I’ve been doing a series on finding/getting work with the federal government, and I’ll list some of the best sources of information I’ve found, along with my comments on why they’re useful.

USAJOBS – The Federal Government’s Official Job Site This is THE site to begin exploring, if you’re new to the federal job sector. In particular, look through the Resource Center, where you can find career information that may help you direct your search for careers within the federal government. And, pay attention to  information in How to Apply, which is worth knowing before you begin. The more thorough your exploration, the more help you will find, from career search to building a federal resume to KSAs (Knowledge-Skills-Abilities) and application explanations.

However, note that government agencies are encouraged to use this site to post all jobs, but they are not required to do so. So remember that you’ll want to check with the agencies you are interested in beyond looking here, because a few will be posting jobs and/or internships on their own site only.

Student Jobs A good place for students to start, even grad students, just to get the lay of the land. Part of the site includes a list of government agencies and many have specific links to student employment and internships. Note that you’ll find many links back to the main part of USAJOBS, too.

The Office of Personnel Management – (OPM) – This is the mother-ship site for government, and it’s directed as much to government personnel and retirees as wannabes. Note that you can browse through the Job Seekers section. Also, the top right corner of the opening page has links to a Subject Index and to Important Links – very useful for finding where they’ve stowed the information on the federal wage system, salaries, benefits and such fascinating topics.

Careers In Government (CIG) – Run by former fed workers, this site has a search that extends to recruiters and “government sector” jobs, which means jobs supported by tax dollars, and that includes state and local government, as well as education, quasi-government authorities, and even non-profs supported by federal grants.

Federal Jobs Digest – Sounds federal, but is yet another search site for federal jobs. Has some useful information on fed resumes, but you pay to have them do it for you.

Federal Job Search – Another site with search agents, which may be useful, but again, it is privately owned, even though it “sounds” federal. Be wary of all promises to write a fed resume for you.

GovLoop – described as “connecting the government community” Or, Social Network for Government This site offers a unique opportunity to see what more than 60,000 government employees are talking about, as they discuss local and national issues, philosophy, government, and advancing their work and careers, . You can see their discussions and Q&A, for example, “Did you get an MPA or an MPP? And, did it make a difference in your career?” – which has 12 responses, so far. Under “Who can join?” they say, “We also welcome students and individuals interested in government service….” They have groups, forums, and you can learn about jobs and events, and even use the resources. Very cool.

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