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As a Master Trainer in Dependable Strengths, Certified Career Services Provider and
Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor (GCDFI),
I offer:

  • The recognized NCDA course leading to professional certification as a Certified Career Services Provider or Global Career Development Facilitator
  • Private Coaching, primarily for recovering academics 
  • How to Show Up Without Showing Off (online interactive program, based largely on Dependable Strengths Articulation, now in beta testing)
  • Dependable Strengths Articulation Process – (face-to-face, interactive)
    • 1.  specifically for grad students and “recovering academics,” who are looking for career choices within their disciplines, or career potential beyond traditional academics
    • 2.  particularly designed for Coaches and Counselors, to work more effectively with client career issues
    • 3.  specifically designed for college-level career counselors and advisers, to help students with career choices based on their strengths
  • continuing tips, techniques and training in career development (blog and newsletter)
  • resources in career development  (Q&A teleseminars, webinars and articles at CareerChangeForAcademics)
  • short courses and professional development (training in career work, CEUs approved by NCDA)

Let me know what you’re interested in or how I can help you.  CONTACT KATE

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