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  • you’re interested in the best national certification you can get in the career development field.
  • you’re interested in your own continuing career development in the career development field.
  • you want to experience the core features of Dependable Strengths without leaving home.
  • you’d like more tips, tools and techniques in what’s current in career development.

Facilitating Career Development (FCD) training will improve your skills at helping your students or clients with career issues.

Certified Career Services Provider certification and/or Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) certification will help you achieve your own career success.

Here you’ll find:

  • more specific information about the FCD course and basics of certification – WHAT
  • why career professionals want certification  – WHY Certification
  • why you’d want to take Kate’s course – WHY Kate
  • details on the schedule, meetings and how it’s organized – WHEN WHERE HOW
  • more resources for your own development and experience as a career professional, whether you have the CCSP, the GCDF or not

Career Development is a growing field and critically important to the lives and economic future of millions of Americans, especially those who are:

  • looking for work beyond high school/college/university.
  • not yet entirely recovered from jobs lost in economic crisis.
  • about to “retire,” and want to continue working, but on their own terms.
  • considering self-employment.
  • looking for work that will “fit” them better.

– which is just about everyone!

My Story

Because of the GCDF course and certification, I myself  was able to make a major career change in the late 1990s and I’ve worked in Career Development since then.

As a Career Counselor / Coordinator at the University of Washington for more than a decade, I worked individually with thousands of students, helping them make career and educational decisions, and I taught classes, workshops and presented at national conferences on career development. I’ve been a Career Development Facilitator Instructor since 2003, and I now offer tips, tools and techniques, as well as other shorter training courses with immediately useful, practical information, which can carry Continuing Education Units, and apply to keeping current with NCDA certifications.

To begin, check out WHY the GCDF helps Career Professionals.

This link gives an overview of the The National Career Development Association’s information on their professional training programs, which lead to the various levels of certification, including Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) and Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF).

For questions, use the CONTACT Kate form, or leave ma a Voice Mail at 206-923-8810.

Dependable Strengths Pilot Programs are now also available (no cost to pilot participants)!

Read more about the Dependable Strengths program. Then let me know you’re interested by leaving a voice message with your email/phone at 206-923-8810. Or use the CONTACT Kate form on this website.

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