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If you’ve found this site, and you’re somehow associated with academics, I’m happy to help with your career questions. (No cost, no obligation.)

Write them into the comment box below or send them by email to kate at the main URL of this website.

Are You the Kind of Person I Work With?

I’ve worked on career questions with a wide variety of people, but I’m best equipped  to work with:

– grad students who aren’t sure of the best career for them – whether to stay and finish, or if  it’s best to leave sooner than later.

– grad students who want to stay, but who aren’t sure which direction to go within the discipline, and how to best get there.

– grad students who want to finish the degree, but to prepare for a career beyond the academy.

– graduates who can’t find that tenure-track position, or don’t want to live where they got the only offer, and are wondering about their alternatives.

– adjuncts who are really tired of the work load and little pay, but aren’t sure what they can do beyond academics.

– assistant professors (and beyond) who are not fitting into the academic mold and want to break out – but wonder how.

– post docs who are tired of being underpaid and overworked, but don’t know how to find what else is possible.

– others working within the traditional academic sphere who want to explore beyond the boundaries.

See About for my story (as a recovering academic) and how I’ve come to work with academics and recovering academics for years.



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