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Who is Dr. Kate Duttro and what makes her qualified as a CDF Instructor?

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Kate Duttro

The short version –

finished the initial GCDF training myself in 1998, as part of a more extensive 1-year certificate program in Career Development from the University of Washington Professional Development, in Seattle.  I earned my Instructor certificate in 2003, took the Online certification in 2006, and was invited to teach the Career Development Theory course for the UW Professional Development program in Career Development.

Because I’ve always tried to increase my knowledge of  career work, I’ve attended at least one conference and/or professional development training every year and became active in local and national career development associations. I’ve taken additional training as often as possible, notably the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, as well as other programs, and I am a Master Trainer in the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process.

I was privileged to have spent more than a decade, beginning in 1998, working in career services at the University of Washington, where I worked individually with thousands of undergrads and hundreds of graduate students, presented dozens of workshops on career topics of all kinds, and taught undergrad courses on career development.

I retired officially from the UW and continued in career work, leading more FCD classes, working in private practice with recovering academics, writing about career topics and continuing to work with academics articulating their Dependable Strengths. It has been a richly rewarding part of my career and it’s wonderful to continue working in the field, and passing along the practical parts of my experience.

The even shorter version –

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