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Why Do Career Professionals Want/Need Certification?

Both Certified Career Services Providers and Global Career Development Facilitators are trained at a professional level to better help students and adults with career and educational planning and strategies.

Both certifications offer a marketable credential that carries professional recognition, particularly across the United States, and the GCDF is becoming more recognized in other countries. (Eight countries have established GCDF programs.)

More career-related counseling and coaching jobs now require formal training in career-focused knowledge and experience.

Both the CCSP in the US and the internationally-accepted GCDF can be useful to anyone providing career services, including:

  • career counselors/advisers in 2- and 4-year colleges and universities and in vocational and professional schools
  • public and private high school counselors offering career planning help
  • career advisers who work in community agencies and other non-profs
  • career consultants in private practice
  • career coaches, and also life/work coaches
  • graduate students in counseling and social work programs
  • government workforce development and education center staff
  • mental health counselors whose clients also need career help
  • career group facilitators
  • job search trainers
  • social services agency staff
  • resume writers wishing to expand their services
  • librarians
  • HR professionals working with employee career development
  • military transition and relocation centers
  • outplacement firms and corporations
  • career advisers in corrections facilities and pre-release centers
  • aspiring career development professionals
  • Indian Tribal Offices offering employment and human services support
  • vocational rehabilitation facility staff

 Both CCSPs and GCDFs are prepared to work in many occupations that use varied social and intellectual skills, and cover a wide range of interests.

Some job titles you’ll find individuals with CCSPs and GCDFs occupying include:*

  • Career Counselor/Adviser
  • Career Center Director
  • Career Services Coordinator/Specialist
  • Career Resource Center Coordinator/Assistant/Technician
  • Career and/or Life Coach
  • Career Consultant
  • Guidance Counselor/Adviser
  • Student Services Specialist
  • Workforce Development Specialist/Coordinator
  • Job Search Trainer
  • Employment Specialist/Adviser
  • Career Group Facilitator
  • Occupational/Labor Market Information Coordinator
  • Human Resources Career Development Coordinator/Specialist
  • Case Manager (in Human Services, Corrections, Employment Services)
  • Intake Interviewer
  • Resume Writer

*Please note that the CCSP and the GCDF are often used to extend the skill set of individuals in the above job titles, and are not, by themselves, a sufficient qualification to enter all of the above positions.

Here are two articles that confirm the growing need for the NCDA-approved GCDF certificate as a necessary credential.

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