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Why Take Kate’s FCD Course?

Seattle Location – One of the few classes on the West Coast, and if you can attend the F2F meetings electronically, even your physical presence can be negotiated. (One past student attended by Skype from Egypt!)

Weekly “classes” by conference call – You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and get to know your colleagues, sharing experiences and thoughts. And, having to show up regularly supports your own accountability.

Recordings of class calls – “Life happens,” and if you miss a call, you can catch up -and “report” on the call as a “make-up” for the missed class.

Controlled class size – Having 6-12 in a class is delightful, small enough for individual attention and large enough to develop a collegial community among participants. (However, I have recently found that an individual approach is possible, and allows extraordinary flexibility. It seems most appropriate for those already doing career work, without recognition or certification.)

Resourceful colleagues – Participants in my earlier classes have brought a rich diversity of experience, from career-related occupations in college career centers, economic development, coaching, HR, high schools, assessment and private practice.

Practical – All the class projects (presentation, portfolio, field work) are designed to be most useful to you in your chosen work, current or future

Flexible – Class participants and instructor come to a mutually agreeable time to meet face-to-face, on conference calls or video and to decide the course start-end dates.

No Grades – You are adults – and expected to complete all exercises and assignments satisfactorily. You may repeat them until they are complete and show that you have learned the appropriate material. There are self-test materials for you to access.

Occasional Guest Speaker/Practitioners at weekly “class” calls. I call on colleagues from my own association to visit classes, or be interviewed by individuals with specific related interests.

Ongoing Q&A calls with Kate and FCD colleagues – Get together to share experiences and ask questions of Kate and colleagues.

The real reason Kate teaches the NCDA/FCD courseIt’s fun, part of which is getting to work with the most amazing people, who are temporarily my students, and who often become long-term, trusted colleagues.

Other questions?

See the WHEN-WHERE-HOW FAQs on Kate’s CDF course.

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